A scratch on the windshield of your vehicle can be an irritating and ugly problem that deals. But the good news about the scratches on the windshield is that they are not difficult to repair if you take the time to learn how, acquire the right tools and you take it patiently. It’s a very easy once you do the job the right way. Here are a few steps to repair scratches on your windshield. Good luck.


  1. Be sure to use distilled water. It is better to repair scratches on the windshield because it contains contaminants such as chemicals and sand. Distilled water eroded away the glass and keeps the cold windshield.
  2. Cover your paint job that is not damaged or splash. Then proceed to clean your windshield carefully, using distilled water. Use soft, clean, circular motions with delicate cloth.
  3. Make a dam on the windshield using tape. Glue one side of the tape on the windshield. Put another strip of tape, the same size as the first, then both pieces of tape paste (with sides adhesives together). Do the same again but horizontally. This ensures that you make the best use of your water and not spill everywhere.
  4. Obtain a disc polisher and then connect it to the polishing machine. Turn on the pump and make sure it adjusted it so that it works correctly. Then gently polishes damaged by the amount of time needed area. You can repeat this with a disk different if the need arises. Once finished, there should be no waves or obvious damage to your windshield.
  5. Remove the dam and clean the windshield adhesive tape and all the tools you used.